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Help & Advice

AVG will scan your computer automatically every day - a notification will flash up in the bottom right corner to indicate a scan is taking place and again when it has been completed



But if you think you may be infected and wish to do a manual scan, then from the main AVG interface click Scan Computer which will scan the whole computer



The progress of the scan will be shown as below, and from this screen you can also Stop the scan




Once the scan is completed you will see the summary screen below which will tell you if any threats were found and if so what action was taken, you can click on Next to continue




You may then see the next screen advising of any performance related issues found - this section can be safely skipped (by clicking Skip button in bottom right corner) as it is designed to try and persuade you to purchase an additional product called AVG PC TuneUp which I do not recommend





You can also click the Scan options button (as shown circled in red below), where you can then choose to scan specific files or folders, run an intensive deep scan, scan an USB or DVD drive, or make changes to the scheduled scan settings