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A recovery disk (normally one or more DVD’s) is needed in case your PC ever fails and needs to be completely reinstalled


Some manufacturers provide you with these recovery disks (i.e. Dell) and on others you actually need to create the disks yourself (i.e. HP, Acer, Toshiba)


To do this you will need several (usually 2-3) blank DVD disks (DVD+R are the best choice)


Most new computers will prompt you regularly to create a recovery disk, but if not instructions for the most common brands are provided below, it is important to create this as soon as possible as if the PC does go wrong and you haven’t created one then repair may not be possible!


HP - Click Start > All Programs > PC Help & Tools > Recovery Disc Creation


Follow the prompts clicking Next as you go, the program will tell you how many disks you require and ask you to insert the first blank DVD, once this has been created it will eject ready for the next blank DVD if required


ACER - Click Start > All Programs > Acer Empowering Technology > Acer eRecovery Management


Create a password if requested and then click Burn Disk at bottom of screen, when asked choose the first option “Burn a backup disk using factory default”, you will then be told how many blank DVD’s are required and can insert the first one, the process will automatically ask for another blank DVD if required


LENOVO - Click Start > All Programs > Lenovo > OneKey Recovery > OneKey Recovery


Click Create Recovery Disc, then select Factory default recovery disc and click Next - the screen will then tell you how many blank CD's or DVD's you will need - I recommend using DVD - insert the first blank DVD and click Next to proceed - follow the rest of the steps to complete the remaining DVD's


Once this process is complete label up your recovery media and store in a safe place