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Help & Advice

If you see any of the below messages offering to Tune up your PC, Fix common PC problems, Get a faster PC in one click, Hide me now or Upgrade to AVG Ultimate then my advice would be that you click the X button in the top right corner


This is simply AVG and/or its partners advertising additional products such as PC TuneUp (which is a product I do not recommend you use as in my experience it causes more problems than it fixes!)


If you have the full AVG Internet Security supplied by me then the firewall and other components fully protect you online, and you do not need any more additional software to allow you to browse privately, hide your browsing or speed up your computer


To stop these annoying pop-ups then follow instructions further down the page




avg_tuneup2   avg_vpn_alert



Disable all AVG advertising pop-ups


To disable all advertising pop-ups in AVG then follow instructions below:-


1)Open the AVG interface via the icon near the clock (or on the start menu)


2)Click Menu > Settings


3)Scroll down to the section titled "Popups" and click to open it


4)Untick the box titled "Show popup offers for other AVG products"


5)Click OK


6)Close the AVG interface by clicking the X in the top right corner