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This page will be updated as and when there is news on changes or updates to Windows 10:-


26/09/17 - Windows 10 "Fall Creators" Update

The "Fall Creators Update" is the next major update and will be released on 17th October


This update will be free for all Windows 10 users and will automatically download and install – it is being released in waves so not everyone will receive it immediately but you will eventually get it in the days/weeks/months after release


Once it has finished downloading in the background you will be prompted to restart your computer to complete the upgrade (or it will do it automatically the next time you shutdown/restart)


During the installation / update process you will see the screen below which shows you the update progress




Once the upgrade has completed your computer will reboot one more time and you will then see the usual Windows 10 login screen - once you have logged in it will complete the final stages of the update during this time it will show the following messages on screen - "Hi", "We’ve updated your PC", "Getting things ready – please don’t turn off your PC", "These updates help protect you in an online world" and finally "Let’s start"


For details of what has changed in this version of Windows 10 see the What's New in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update section


N.B. For AVG Internet Security users you may need to restart the computer one more time before your internet access works, this is so that AVG can reconfigure its settings after the Windows 10 upgrade - see section below for more details



25/09/17 - AVG Firewall requires a reboot after Windows 10 upgrades to a newer version

If you have AVG Internet Security installed and Windows 10 has installed an update to a new version (build) then you may find your internet connection is not initially working


This is because AVG also needs to update and reconfigure its firewall after the new version of Windows 10 is installed - and to do this it requires a reboot of the computer


Symptoms are that trying to browse the internet results in message such as "page cannot be displayed" or "no connection is available"


If you look at the icons in the bottom right corner near the clock then you will likely see a red cross showing on the network connection icon (as shown below)



You will also see a yellow exclamation mark on the AVG icon (as shown below)



To rectify the problem and get your internet connection working - open AVG by double clicking the icon in bottom right corner near the clock and click the Restart now button (as shown below)


Once Windows has restarted AVG firewall will automatically reconfigure itself and your connection will now be working again




11/04/17 - Windows 10 "Creators" Update Released

The Windows 10 "Creators Update" was released on 11th April 2017


For details of what changed in this version of Windows 10 see the What's New in Windows 10 Creators Update section



02/08/16 - Windows 10 "Anniversary" Update Released

The Windows 10 "Anniversary Update" was released on 2nd August 2017


For details of what changed in this version of Windows 10 see the What's New in Windows 10 Anniversary Update section



29/07/16 - Windows 10 Free Upgrades

The free upgrade period for Windows 10 ended on July 29th 2016 - if you wish to upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 you will have to pay for the upgrade, or buy a new computer with Windows 10 installed



12/11/15 - Windows 10 "Fall" Update Released

The first major update for Windows 10 was released on 12 November 2015 - known as the Windows 10 "Fall" Update it contained various improvements to the Start Menu, Tablet mode, Cortana, Microsoft Edge and also lots of "under the hood" improvements to make the operating system smoother and more stable


All of the Windows 10 reference guides were updated to cover any changes in this release



29/07/15 - Windows 10 Released

The latest version of Microsoft's Windows operating system called Windows 10 was released on 29th July 2015


Windows 10 was initially available as a free upgrade to all Windows 7/8.1 customers who upgrade within the first 12 months after release, once upgraded you continued to receive free upgrades for the life of that device - The free upgrade period ended on 29th July 2016