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Help & Advice

To access the main interface of AVG Internet Security, double click the icon near the clock (if the icon is not appearing then click the up arrow as circled in red below to see the AVG icon)




You can also open the AVG main interface using the shortcut on the start menu/start screen or desktop







This shows the current status of all AVG components - if it says "You are fully protected" with a green tick across the top of the screen you know all AVG components are fully working and protecting you


Basic Protection

These two sections show you that the basic protection features are enabled and working correctly:-


Computer (stops threats in real-time by monitoring files and behaviour)

Web & Email (blocks web and email threats, checks for unsafe downloads and email attachments)


Full Protection

These next sections show you that all the advanced protection features are enabled and working correctly:-


Hacker Attacked (keep hackers off your PC with enhanced firewall and ransomware protection)

Privacy (protect yourself from snoops by preventing access to your webcam, and encrypt your private photos and files using Data Safe)

Payments (shop and bank safer online, also detects fake and phishing websites)


Scan Computer

Click this button to scan your computer, you can also click the Scan Options button (as shown to the right) to choose specific files or folders to scan, and to make changes to your scheduled scan settings



Update now

This shows you at a glance when your protection was last automatically updated, and you can click the refresh button (as shown to the right) to check for any new updates




Program settings can be found here if needed, as well as access to quarantine to delete or view infected files that have been detected, file shredder to securely delete files, support information, help and subscription information