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N.B. This is not relevant for Windows 8 users - as Windows 8 has all the family safety features built in and is covered in the Windows 8 guide


Windows 7 has some basic parental controls built in allowing you to choose what games and programs your children can use and also to limit the times/hours they can spend on the computer


Windows Live Family Safety adds to that by allowing you to choose what websites your children can visit, who they can talk too online, and get reports of their online activities


When you first launch the family safety filter it will ask a parent to login using a Microsoft ID, if you don't have one then you can quickly create one by clicking sign up at the bottom of the window




Once logged in you can then choose which account you wish to monitor




You can then click the link to visit the Family Safety website where you can change settings for each family member such as web filtering, activity monitoring, time limits and app/game restrictions


You can also view any requests from family members for additional access and see reports of all activity