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N.B. This feature is discontinued as of the April 2018 release of Windows 10


HomeGroup is a feature of Windows 10 to make it easier to share documents, printers etc between all the computers in your home


On your main computer you firstly create a new HomeGroup, and then on all your other computers you will then be able to join that HomeGroup


To access HomeGroup click on the Start Menu button and start typing homegroup, it will then appear at the top of the start menu and you can click the icon as shown below




You will then see the following screen




Creating a HomeGroup


Click Create a homegroup and a wizard will guide you through asking you which items you wish to share - once you have chosen click Next to continue




You will then be shown your password which you will need to join other computers to this HomeGroup




Joining a HomeGroup


Note: Computers must be running Windows 7, 8 or 10 to join a homegroup, it will not work with Windows Vista or Windows XP


To join an existing HomeGroup right mouse click on the Start Menu button and choose Control Panel then select Network and Internet > HomeGroup


You will then see the screen below indicating that a homegroup has been detected on your network - click Join now - and enter the above HomeGroup password when prompted




Leaving a HomeGroup


To leave a HomeGroup click Leave the homegroup




You will then receive a confirmation as below - select Leave the homegroup




Accessing Shared HomeGroup Files


To access files on other computers within your HomeGroup - open File Explorer and all computers/shared folders within your HomeGroup will appear in the left hand column as highlighted below