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Windows 10 comes with a personal digital assistant called Cortana - those of you with Windows 8 phones may already have used this feature, and for iPhone users it is like Siri


Basically you can speak/type questions and Cortana will find answers for you - you can use it to search the internet, look through your files, check the news and weather, set reminders, send emails and much more


Cortana can also fully integrates with many of your apps such as Outlook so it can notify you of upcoming diary appointments (and even warn that you need to leave early due to traffic/accidents on your route)


The more you use Cortana, the more it will learn about you and your interests to provide better responses


To get started with Cortana either type your question in the box (as shown below) or click the microphone icon and ask your question



Cortana will then display the answer/result of your question




You can customize Cortana further by clicking the Notebook icon (as shown circled in red below) - here you can provide information and set preferences for a variety of areas such as News, Sport, Music etc so that Cortana can provide information more specific to your likes and requirements, as well as adding items to reminders or lists such as a shopping list, or to-do list which Cortana can then remind you about




For more information on using Cortana to search for files please see the Search section