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AVG will display various alerts, here is how to deal with the most common:-



After you first install AVG you will see the above prompt indicating that an initial scan is required to make sure the computer does not contain any threats/viruses - click Start the scan now




Often after an update you will receive this message to inform you that you need to restart your computer to finalize the update, it is recommended you click Restart Now, but if you are in the middle of something then you can click Postpone, but make sure you reboot as soon as possible to fully enable the updated protection




AVG has detected a new network and automatically configured it, normally on a home computer this is your internet connection




AVG has blocked an application to protect your computer - if it is a program you know and trust and want to use then you can click Unblock application to allow it




An application is trying to access the internet, if you recognize the name of the program then tick the box to save your decision and choose Allow the application - if you are unsure about it then untick the save my decision box and choose Block the application for now - you can then research further or email me to check if the program is safe or not


When clicking Allow/Block the application you may then see an additional confirmation screen - this is a User Account Control prompt confirming that you wish to make these changes - you can click Yes




AVG has detected an infected item and removed it successfully, click Close




AVG has detected an infected file, choose Protect Me to deal with it automatically or Ignore the threat if you are certain that the file is something you need and is safe




If the AVG icon which appears in the bottom right hand corner near the clock has an exclamation mark showing (as per image below) it means AVG has a problem, this is usually because it has not been updated recently


If you double click the icon you can open the main AVG interface where it will show you what the problem is - and in most cases you can automatically fix it by clicking the Fix Now button




Another reason the exclamation mark may appear is after you upgrade to a newer version of Windows 10 - in this case it needs to restart the computer to finish updating and reconfiguring the firewall - clicking the AVG icon will show you the screen below where you can then click the Restart now button - after you restart the exclamation mark will be gone and the internet connection will now be working correctly again





If you see the message below it is advising you that AVG is going to update your currently installed version to the latest version


This new version is being rolled out to all customers to make sure they are fully compatible with the upcoming update for Windows 10 and all future Windows updates, and to ensure all customers are running the same version


You can click Update Now to install it immediately or if you are busy click Wait for automatic update and it will do it for you automatically in 48 hours





If you see any of the below messages offering to Tune up your PC, Fix common PC problems or Get a faster PC in one click then my advice would be that you click the X button in the top right corner - this is simply a way to try and persuade you to then purchase AVG PC TuneUp which is a product I do not recommend you use as in my experience it causes more problems than it fixes!







If you see the below message with the option Hide me now then I advised not clicking on it or installing the product it recommends, it is just AVG advertising another product and trying to persuade you to try it out - if you have AVG Internet Security then the firewall fully protects you online and you do not need any more software to allow you to browse privately or hide your browsing etc